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Copyright © 2004-2018, Mark Douma. All rights reserved.

Version 1.5 beta 10, June 15, 2010

Download FontFinaglerInstallerPackage.dmgFontFinaglerInstallerPackage1.5.dmg (5.9 MB)
Version 1.5 beta 10

Version 1.0, January 22, 2008

Download FontFinaglerInstallerPackage.dmgFontFinaglerInstallerPackage.dmg (4.4 MB)
Version 1.0

About this installer package:

The Font Finagler disk image, provided on the previous page, allows a simple drag-and-drop type install, and is usually sufficient for most users. The Font Finagler installer package provided here is intended primarily for existing customers for whom I created a custom installer package to originally install and set up Font Finagler.

Note to System Administrators:

Font Finagler's command-line helper tool, finagler (installed at /usr/local/bin/finagler), now has a publicly available set of commands that you can use to list and/or clean the font cache files, to register Font Finagler on a Mac, and to manage the "Administrator-Free" mode and types of font caches that are allowed in this mode. For full details on the available commands and syntax, type "/usr/local/bin/finagler --help" or "man finagler" in a Terminal window. (You may want to add "/usr/local/bin/" to your $PATH if it isn't already included).


If you have a question or concern regarding Font Finagler, feel free to email me at moc.amuodkram@kram.