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Copyright © 2004-2017, Mark Douma. All rights reserved.

Version 1.5 beta 10, June 15, 2010

Download FontFinaglerInstallerPackage.dmgFontFinaglerInstallerPackage1.5.dmg (5.9 MB)
Version 1.5 beta 10

Version 1.0, January 22, 2008

Download FontFinaglerInstallerPackage.dmgFontFinaglerInstallerPackage.dmg (4.4 MB)
Version 1.0

About this installer package:

The Font Finagler disk image, provided on the previous page, allows a simple drag-and-drop type install, and is usually sufficient for most users. The Font Finagler installer package provided here is intended primarily for existing customers for whom I created a custom installer package to originally install and set up Font Finagler.

Note to System Administrators:

Font Finagler's command-line helper tool, finagler (installed at /usr/local/bin/finagler), now has a publicly available set of commands that you can use to list and/or clean the font cache files, to register Font Finagler on a Mac, and to manage the "Administrator-Free" mode and types of font caches that are allowed in this mode. For full details on the available commands and syntax, type "/usr/local/bin/finagler --help" or "man finagler" in a Terminal window. (You may want to add "/usr/local/bin/" to your $PATH if it isn't already included).


If you have a question or concern regarding Font Finagler, feel free to instant message me at MarkDouma46 or to email me at moc.amuodkram@kram.

If you could instant message me, that would be preferred, as it's much more conducive to troubleshooting. (If I don't answer, I'm most likely away from my computer. If you add me to your buddy list, you'll be able to see my status. If I'm not around, just leave an email address in your message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible). If you've never used iChat or AIM before, then don't worry about it, email is fine.